The Band Oslo Snowe

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In this small package of story-songs, The Band Oslo Snowe offers up a nice mix of indie sub genres. The band’s music is mostly categorized as indie-rock, indie-pop, indie acoustic, and genre crossing rock-EDM. “Don’t Hand Me The Blues” has an easy going coffeehouse vibe that’s about the breaking point in a relationship. The indie-pop “Round For Round” has a whimsical prizefighting angle that champions the act of standing up for yourself or pushing back against bullying. “Pray For Levi” represents the softer side of indie-pop with a sense of deep sorrow and loss sung from the prospective of a grieving brother’s lingering anger over anti-war anti-military protesters targeting those in the service (many of whom were draftees) during the Vietnam era. “There’s Something You Got” showcases a guitar riff-banger that’s part rock, part electro. The band is composed of multi-instrumentalists and vocalists, Ace Chilhaus, Meg Hinton, Corey Newman, Caleb Olson, and songwriter producer Dennis Morgan.

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